Life Begins Series 3

We are so proud of ourselves that after talking about it so much, we completed our mini-series 3 of the Life Begins podcast.

We did this as an advent series and focused on wrapping up 2020 and look forward to 2021. We also added in a few festive themes.

Episode 1: Five Things We Learned in 2020 & Discussing Existential Crisis

Episode 2: Four Great Pieces of Life Advice That We Have Received & The Power of the Pivot

Episode 3: Three Goals We Want To Set Ourselves for 2021 & Dreams and Goals

Episode 4: Two of Our Christmas Traditions & Doubts and Certainty

Episode 5: One Favourite Christmas Song of All Time & Christmas Special Wrap Up

What has been good about this series is that the lack of guests has enabled Shell and I to focus on our own conversations, learning and sharing our knowledge.

We also went multi-platform this time and recorded the podcast on Zoom so you can actually see our faces. Those episodes are available on YouTube like this:

Shell and I are now in talks about doing a fourth series after a well-earned rest. Watch this space!

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