My First Official BBC Show

This is the moment I told my friend Jenaé that I had officially been offered a regular slot on BBC Radio WM.

I could not believe it.

Jenaé took a screenshot from our WhatsApp call as I revealed the amazing news. Jenaé is a talented digital artist and encompassed me in digital art forever.

Here’s what she posted on Instagram:

My first official show was Sunday, December 6 2020. The two nights before my first show I tossed and turned worrying with nerves. I can’t believe I managed it through the first show being so tired but the adrenaline pushed me through and my sleepiness hit at church straight after the broadcast!

My producer, Matt Mitchell, is fabulous. He will do anything for you, is super encouraging and has a huge heart. I love working with him and my favourite part of my very first show was my little chats on air with Matt.

You can listen back to the first show here:

And listen to the advertising trails for my show and what the lovely Caroline Martin and Henry Liston had to say about my show:

Then this is me and my feelings about it all:

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