Grace Smith BBC Radio WM – First Show of the Year

Grace Smith BBC Radio WM female voiceover narrator, presenter, event host. Midlands
Grace Smith BBC Radio WM female voiceover narrator, presenter, event host. Midlands
2021. LET’S GO!!!

So, first show of 2021! New year, new me, fresh start, right? I can’t get into the building. Oh.

Never mind. Let’s start again! Two minutes of literal radio silence? Screens flashing ON AIR SILENCE DETECTED? Producer rushing into the studio with thinly veiled panic all over her face? Good grief, it’s not even 6 am yet.

No, it’s all great – NEW YEAR, NEW START!! In my head I’m practically screaming this at myself to get over the initial rocky start to the morning. It works. I’m positively dripping positivity. My arms are gesticulating wildly as I encourage listeners to forget about the trials and tribulations of 2020, the cold weather and the looming prospect of the first working week of the year and look ahead. YES!

Good music choices on the playlist pump me up. Yes, we might be talking vaccines, school pressures and Covid-19 restrictions curtailing normal celebrations, but the optimism and hope of a new year overrides any gloom and negativity.

I invite listeners to share their hopes and goals for 2021 and eschew any scarring memories of what 2020 had to offer. I get so caught up that I find myself declaring aloud, “I’M GOING TO LOSE 30LBS THIS YEAR!”. At the moment I say it, I really, really believe it. I’m elated and positive but about a millisecond before I finish the sentence, internal me – the me that actually knows me and the many, MANY times I’ve said the exact same thing over the years – says, “Girl, what are you doing?!??”. I glimpse through the studio glass and the wide-eyed look of questioning shock on producer Laura’s face perfectly matches the sentiment of internal me. It’s too late. Not only have I said it out loud, I’ve literally broadcasted it. Oh.

This outburst (yes, outburst) then leads on to a spirited discussion on goal setting and is followed up with lovely, encouraging calls and texts from listeners on the best way to achieve my goal. That’s it. I’m accountable. I have no choice but to get on it. This is good. (shut up, internal me. This IS good).

Over the last few years I’ve tried to subscribe to “Less Talk. More DO!” and “Put Up and Shut Up!”. Well, in the area of weight loss there has yet to be any ‘putting up’ or ‘doing’ so I’m hoping that ‘talking’ on the biggest platform I’ve ever spoken on will spur me into action and results this time.

30lbs lost in 2021? Light work.

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