“How’re you doing?”

“I hope you are doing WELL…”

I’ve calculated that I ask and say this approximately 7,785,434* times per Sunday Breakfast Show. (*slight exaggeration).

The thing is, I really mean it. I don’t need to say it’s a tough season for most people right now – we’re all experiencing it in real-time. So I really want my show to be a place where we can be well. Yes, we need reliable information about what’s going on, but we also need a place to relax and escape. What we also need are some tools…

Solihull author Ali Swift joined me this week to talk about her latest book The Wellness Toolkit and generously and helpfully shared a few of the tools out of the 40 she’s written about.

Ali has overcome depression and anxiety and now helps other people to manage their mental health. She’s the author of two books and a fellow radio presenter too. She’s really helped many people with her latest and second book which has been inspired by lockdown.

Ali came up with some helpful and simple tips that anyone can do in lockdown to feel better. She shared them on the show with me. Listen back to her tips at 3:14 into the show by clicking on the image below:

To grab a copy of Ali’s latest book, Your Wellness Toolkit, click here.

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