Trust The Timing of Your Life.

Blogmas Day 7.

First off, let me update you on my tea advent calendar. Today’s offering is delicious. I’m very much enjoying my evening ritual of an obnoxiously large mug of advent tea and writing this daily blog. This is not something I would have imagined even 2 weeks ago. Funny how things work out.

Herbal Teas > Traditional English Breakfast. Facts.

Are you a slave-driver if you’re paying?

I’ve made quite a bit of tea today. Building work has started at the bottom of my garden for a walled patio area and 5 builders turned up today to get started. Mugs of tea were the very least I could have offered as Britain is currently being battered by Storm Barra.

I watched them fight against gale force winds to set up a large construction gazebo at the bottom of the garden. Not even an hour later they were subjected to biblical style rain and huddled under that gazebo clutching their mugs which I’m convinced were half tea, half rainwater as the rain seemed to be driving down both vertically and horizontally. As I watched this display from my (warm & dry) upstairs guest room window like some sort of weird Lady Bountiful, I marvelled how it had even come to be that work was starting at my house during the coldest wettest time of the year. I’d booked it months before, and had mithered about it even earlier than that and now it would be completed by the end of the year.

Desk jobs suddenly don’t seem so bad…

Leave no lesson – however small – unlearned…

I ended my first Blogmas post saying “You never know when a shift can occur and when a decision you made months – or years – ago, will come in just the nick of time and turn things around.”

I know this sounds very dramatic as we’re just talking about a patio but I’d genuinely written off this happening before summer 2022 and, in my 2021 state of emotional fragility, I’d found it all rather stressful. Then, just like that, I get a call to say they’re coming the next day in circumstances that seem the least likely. Listen, I’m going to take my lessons and encouraging reminders wherever I can find them.

I’ve just gotten off a lengthy phone call with a dear friend and we were talking about synchronicities – those moments that, on their own, seem pretty inconsequential but when they happen repeatedly seem like confirmations or coincidences. I like to call them God-incidences. Even this conversation felt like a God-incidence as I’d been feeling a little out-of-step with myself earlier in the day as I was working and this image popped up amongst my many papers on my office desk.

Whether it be patios, Pukka teas or purpose, we’d do well to trust the timing of our lives.

I was given a word when I was away on a spiritual retreat back in January 2019 that “The Lord makes everything beautiful in it’s time”. I never thought a mud-filled garden in a crazy storm would bring all these reminders to me today but that’s the way life goes, I guess.

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