Self-Help vs Help-Help

Blogmas Day 8

Self-help is all the rage. Heck, I showed you my reading list for 2021 and a large proportion of that could be categorised as ‘Self-Help’. But is it really helpful though?

I won’t be with you long today but one of the lessons that has emerged from this year is the necessity to get some OUTSIDE help. It’s ok. In fact, that’s how we’re designed to function. “No man is an island” and all that.

I think a lot of people have grown up hearing and believing the saying “God helps those who help themselves.” People have even attributed that saying to being biblical. I don’t know who actually said it but it certainly wasn’t MY Jesus.

Big up yourself, _she_rises_ on Instagram. Remind us ‘highlight reelers’ how it really is.

Girl, get yourself some HELP!

And guys. It’s really ok. There have been a few things over the last couple of years that have genuinely stumped me.

When I first got into radio, it was fantastic – really amazing. I was excited and really wanted to look into how to do this full-time. Problem was, media was a mystery to me. I couldn’t even help myself as I didn’t know where to start. The solution? I got an accountability mentor with experience in media (she was a radio presenter herself). Big yourself up Gemma Ray.

Alright, ALRIGHT!

Of the many ways Gemma helped me, she gave me the boot – sorry, nudge – to actually get on and DO, but only once she had taught and shown me things that I never knew before. Gemma is the main reason I’m blogging now. I expressed a desire to do it but didn’t have the first clue how to start. I also got my own radio show during that time. She wound up my wheels (so to speak), set me on the road and released me to go.

Help, see?


Books, podcasts, social media posts, TED Talks are all very inspirational. No doubt about it. But sometimes the inspiration doesn’t translate to motivation and can become overwhelming.

Take a deep breath. That’s ok. Reach out, get some help. Friend, mentor, parent, counsellor, babysitter, guru – Jesus himself – get some Help-Help. Self naturally has limits.

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