It’s all gone a bit “woo”…

Blogmas Day 9.

What a day! You know those days when you’re super busy and literally every second is accounted for but you feel satisfied at the end that it was a good, productive day? For me, they don’t come around often enough but when they do, they’re sweet.

That said, it’s very close to the end of the day and I’ve not had my tea and done my blog. I’m itching to get into bed but the day would not be complete until I partake in my daily delight.

Ooh, la, la…

It seems oxymoronic to say that I had to work quite hard and fast to prepare for a relaxing, reflective time with one of my best friends, but that’s exactly what happened. We’re both reading through a book which actually turned out to be a course. It seems I’m not alone in my quest to better myself.

Of the 7 weeks of the course, the end of Week 3 involves a Release Ceremony. My friend has finished the book. On time. I’m woefully behind and had to cram the week 3 content and daily exercises to get to this momentous occasion.


A little bit of context. I grew up in – and am still part of – the Pentecostal church. I don’t know what you think of when you hear the term Pentecostal. Some people think ‘lively’, some people think ‘spirit-filled’ some people think, ‘that’s a bit woo…”. Even if you think the latter, make no mistake – the ‘woo’ is BY NO MEANS ‘witchy’.

Trust me, I grew up being terrified of even being in viewing distance of this line, let alone crossing it. One of my favourite books growing up was The Witches by Roald Dahl. If I was reading that in public, I’d be tempted to hide it behind my bible.

Listen, my social media timeline has shown a spate of sage burning to ‘cleanse’ from bad energies and my instinct is to scream, “BURN THEM WITH FIRE!!”. I exaggerate, but the point is, the notion of a ‘Release Ceremony’ was not one that I grasped immediately.

Does this make me a witch???

In any event, we went ahead with the ceremony. It involved identifying incorrect beliefs that you have held in your life and ‘releasing’ them. In turn, you would identify truths and ’embrace’ them. You could choose to tear up, throw away or stamp on your written unhelpful beliefs. We chose fire. Dramatic? Sure, why not.

Mind your business.

What we individually chose to release and embrace is not important, but being open and vulnerable (she is a VERY trusted friend) and consciously marking the occasion rather than just giving it passing thought was powerful and significant.

I’m not saying you have to have a ceremony, but if you’ve ever had a niggling thought – big or small – that doesn’t sit right with you and doesn’t serve you, I recommend investigating what that’s all about and then, rather than hold on to it, dwell on it and let it define you, be like Elsa and let it go. Doing it with a friend makes you accountable too. Time will tell how it all goes but I recommend.

Taking stock…

Right, its late and my bed is calling me. It’s been a good day but it appears I’m now the person that drinks funny tea and burns stuff. Bit ‘woo’, but it could be worse.

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