Last Show of the Year!

Blogmas Day 12.

Calm down, love.

I’ve not had a post-show nap today and it’s now 10:30pm. I’m surprisingly still full of beans – well, not full to the brim but more than half way. It’s not just down to today’s Matcha Green Tea with Ginseng, it’s – as my producer described it – De-mob happiness.

I’ve still got another 5 days of the school term remaining but I’ve now finished my radio show for the next 3 weeks and that feels great. Even in your dream job it’s great to have time off and I can’t wait. By finishing today’s show I’m a step closer to complete holiday shut down to rest, restore and recharge and it can’t come soon enough.

Please don’t read this in any way as being ungrateful for the radio show or a little jaded – far from it. In fact, I really enjoyed the show today. There’s something about just being excited and relaxed that goes a long way to making a great show. As much as my producer raised a questioning eyebrow at me on occasion, he had fun too.

I kind of see his point…

I said last week, when I wrote about 2021 being one of the hardest years of my life emotionally, that I was proud of what I’d achieved despite that. Doing the show never got me down though, in fact, it would lift me for the 4 – 6 hours I was at the station. Almost to the point that I wondered if I had a split personality! What it boils down to though is this…

True story.

Every time I use my BBC pass to enter the building I’m reminded of how amazing it all this and I could barely fathom this a couple of years ago. Gratitude is a key to sanity.

If I could do so much through a tough year, what could I do when I’m firing on all cylinders? Or more than half? I know everyone is understandably nervous about planning too much for 2022 – hope seems dangerous after the last couple of years the world has experienced – but I’ll dare to hope that next year will be so much better. Here’s to a refreshed start to 2022.

That’s Enough For Now…

I’m getting to that stage where I’ll either start blarting into my cup of tea or burst into a spontaneous praise dance. It’s already taken me twice as long as usual to write this as I’m a fizzy mix of excited distraction and fatigue.

I feel like the drunk man at the end of an emotional night in a bar who’s trying to have a deep, revelatory conversation with the last remaining bar person who couldn’t care less because they just want him to get out so they can lock up and go home.

I’ll be wise. I’ll choose sleep.

Wired. Morning til night.

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