Better Every Day…

Blogmas Day 21.

I was woken by my 10 year old nephew this morning. “What day is it today?”

I don’t know about you but days are completely lost to me lately. Pfft!- lately? Let’s try the last couple of years.

When I got my wits together and consulted my calendar I exclaimed, “It’s the 21st! Winter Solstice!”. He asked me what that was and I told him it was the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Then I surreptitiously consulted Google to double-check I wasn’t miseducating the youth.

Thankfully, I was correct. He wasn’t particularly interested in why I was so excited about this but I love this day. Not for any spiritual reason, just because the days get longer from hereon in. That means things are getting lighter and brighter and for someone like me who is seriously affected by SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder), this is a great day.

It doesn’t matter if the day itself is dark, grey, wet and miserable, it’s going to improve. Things are moving in the right direction. There is hope.

So ‘Happy Winter Solstice!’. Here’s to brighter days ahead – literally and figuratively.

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