So, Like… Why Though?

Blogmas Day 22.

Twenty-two days (almost) of writing every day. Do I, generally speaking, consider myself a writer? No. But I know better now than to write myself off from describing myself as anything. So why would I do this?

Well, back in 2017 when I was away on one of my retreats, a woman I don’t know said to me – amongst other things – that I should write. My initial response was “Lol, no.” I’m the person who deliberately picked A Levels that required the least amount of essay writing despite actually loving English Literature. Writing? Me? Hate it. Actually, hate is too strong. I was too lazy to do it.

Although I dismissed them, her words didn’t leave me. There was a low level nagging that I couldn’t entirely disregard. A couple of years passed and another person – a man I also don’t know – said exactly the same thing to me. Again, despite the horror at the idea of sitting down and writing what I imagined to be tomes, I couldn’t deny that something about the idea rang true for me. I couldn’t simply dismiss it as nonsense.

I mentioned the idea of writing to friends a few months later (I didn’t tell them about mystery people telling me I should write – bit weird) and their response was, basically, “Well, duh!”. Surprised by their reaction, they pointed out to me that I write all the time. I’m a prolific journaller (*quickly looks up the word prolific to check I’ve used it right* – yep, all good).

I don’t know why I’ve never equated journalling with writing. I suppose it’s because journalling is a personal exercise for me, never intended for other eyes to see. Writing for the public? Whew, that’s a whole different story…

Er… So Write What Exactly?


Over the last three weeks, I’ve literally just written what’s been on my heart and mind that day. I mentioned in an earlier blog (Blogmas Day 11. 11th December 2021) that my goals in this exercise were to challenge myself, flex my creative muscle, practice consistency and find my written voice. The last point is key for me. What’s the point in talking if you have nothing to say? The question that has plagued me before doing anything that puts myself out there – radio, podcasting, writing – is “Who cares??”.

I’ve had enough feedback to show that people do care and value what I’ve been putting out there. That’s great, but it’s important to know my own ‘why’ and the values I hold myself to. That’s where the practice comes in.

And Now For a Little Outside Inspo…

Evelyn From The Internets. If you didn’t know of her before, now you do. You’re welcome.

Evelyn in a fantastic creator, digital storyteller and YouTuber who I’ve been following for years now. She made a video 5 years ago that transformed my creative journey. At the time, I thought I would dabble in YouTubing myself (lol), but this particular video gave me and my great friend, Shell, the confidence to just put out our creative ideas via our podcast, Life Begins, and be consistent with it.

Spoiler Alert: The two points main made were to essentially keep making the ‘thing’ consistently – whatever that may be, and; don’t create anything you wouldn’t consume yourself.

I attach the video here but also, follow her if you’d like to be entertained, informed and inspired.

A happy circle of creative inspiration.

So, here I am now within touching distance of the end of this challenge. I’m writing and I’m enjoying it. I’m still a little stunned that I’ve done this much, save for travelling between time zones dodging the ‘O’ word (see previous Blogmas posts for context).

So… How ‘Bout You?

Is there something you want to do creatively? Have you got a voice that you’ve been stifling? A ‘light under a bushel’, so to speak? Let me know in the comments. There’s power in putting your ideas and intentions ‘out there’.

Also, if you’ve enjoyed any of my blog posts over the last few weeks, I’ll be continuing to blog at least once a week into the new year. Join the email subscription below to be updated on new posts.

Two days to go…

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