Where is the love?

Last Sunday was Valentines Day. A saints day that has been marked to celebrate love – in particular, romantic love. Ahhhh, that’s nice. My Sunday Breakfast show was the first show of the day on BBC Radio WM and I was positively giddy about the Valentines Day theme. Even now, I can’t really explain why.Continue reading “Where is the love?”

“How’re you doing?”

“I hope you are doing WELL…” I’ve calculated that I ask and say this approximately 7,785,434* times per Sunday Breakfast Show. (*slight exaggeration). The thing is, I really mean it. I don’t need to say it’s a tough season for most people right now – we’re all experiencing it in real-time. So I really wantContinue reading ““How’re you doing?””

I only went and got PAUL MCKENNA on my show!!! BBC WM with Grace Smith

This was a wonderful and, for me, unusually quick manifestation of a wish. (Lord, if you’re listening, more of that please and thank you). If you read my previous blog post, you’ll know that the first half of January led to serious Lockdown Blues and a mini existential crisis. As I went for a walkContinue reading “I only went and got PAUL MCKENNA on my show!!! BBC WM with Grace Smith”

This ain’t my first rodeo…

Maybe it’s the artist’s aesthetic… it’s certainly not Maybelline. What a day. Starting the post in this way probably makes you think that I’ve been flat out today. Pedal to the metal, work, work, work. No. Today has been distinctly ‘Meh.’.  I woke up at about 8:50am which is very late for me. I seriouslyContinue reading “This ain’t my first rodeo…”

Grace Smith BBC Radio WM – First Show of the Year

So, first show of 2021! New year, new me, fresh start, right? I can’t get into the building. Oh. Never mind. Let’s start again! Two minutes of literal radio silence? Screens flashing ON AIR SILENCE DETECTED? Producer rushing into the studio with thinly veiled panic all over her face? Good grief, it’s not even 6Continue reading “Grace Smith BBC Radio WM – First Show of the Year”

What Does Self-Doubt Look Like to You?

Nine times out of ten, I would say I’m a pretty confident person. OK, maybe eight. (Hmm, do you see the issue here already?) Now, I’m all for the positivity movement that’s going around: “Love your yourself at every size!” “Love the person you’re becoming!” “Be kind to yourself”. I appreciate every one of theseContinue reading “What Does Self-Doubt Look Like to You?”

My First Official BBC Show

This is the moment I told my friend Jenaé that I had officially been offered a regular slot on BBC Radio WM. I could not believe it. Jenaé took a screenshot from our WhatsApp call as I revealed the amazing news. Jenaé is a talented digital artist and encompassed me in digital art forever. Here’sContinue reading “My First Official BBC Show”