1 Year Show Anniversary!

Day 5 Welcome to Sunday! That’s how I start most of my Sunday Breakfast shows. Today’s show was particularly special as it marks one whole year! When I think back and compare how I felt coming in for the show last December (on the 6th) and today, it’s night and day. Who needs sleep anyway?Continue reading “1 Year Show Anniversary!”

Lazy Book Club

Blogmas Day 4 Lazy Book Club was the intended title of my regular feature on my weekly Sunday Breakfast show on BBC Radio WM. I don’t know how the ‘lazy’ part dropped from the title but the intention of calling it that was because the majority of people don’t read a lot, despite motivational speakersContinue reading “Lazy Book Club”

Day 3 tea – Yeah, baby!

On my way to work this morning, I switched on the car radio to hear Jona Lewie’s “Stop The Cavalry” blaring out at at me. “What??!?” I thought. “It’s way too ear- ” Oh, actually no. It’s not too early for this. It’s the 3rd of December. This is a perfectly respectable time to hearContinue reading “Day 3 tea – Yeah, baby!”

Blogmas 2021!

Day 1 You’d be forgiven for forgetting who I am because, Woo!, it’s been a sweet minute since I was last on here, but let’s not dwell on that right now. I’m here and It’s good to be back. Don’t think that I was carefree, skipping through meadows or sipping Mai Tai’s during this longContinue reading “Blogmas 2021!”

This ain’t my first rodeo…

Maybe it’s the artist’s aesthetic… it’s certainly not Maybelline. What a day. Starting the post in this way probably makes you think that I’ve been flat out today. Pedal to the metal, work, work, work. No. Today has been distinctly ‘Meh.’.  I woke up at about 8:50am which is very late for me. I seriouslyContinue reading “This ain’t my first rodeo…”