Self-Help vs Help-Help

Blogmas Day 8 Self-help is all the rage. Heck, I showed you my reading list for 2021 and a large proportion of that could be categorised as ‘Self-Help’. But is it really helpful though? I won’t be with you long today but one of the lessons that has emerged from this year is the necessityContinue reading “Self-Help vs Help-Help”

Trust The Timing of Your Life.

Blogmas Day 7. First off, let me update you on my tea advent calendar. Today’s offering is delicious. I’m very much enjoying my evening ritual of an obnoxiously large mug of advent tea and writing this daily blog. This is not something I would have imagined even 2 weeks ago. Funny how things work out.Continue reading “Trust The Timing of Your Life.”

The Power of Vision

Blogmas Day 6. I have a deadline to meet. It’s this Wednesday and I could possibly have met the deadline tonight but I am a natural procrastinator*. When I was at Secondary school, I first came across the quote “If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done” and at the time nothingContinue reading “The Power of Vision”

1 Year Show Anniversary!

Day 5 Welcome to Sunday! That’s how I start most of my Sunday Breakfast shows. Today’s show was particularly special as it marks one whole year! When I think back and compare how I felt coming in for the show last December (on the 6th) and today, it’s night and day. Who needs sleep anyway?Continue reading “1 Year Show Anniversary!”

Lazy Book Club

Blogmas Day 4 Lazy Book Club was the intended title of my regular feature on my weekly Sunday Breakfast show on BBC Radio WM. I don’t know how the ‘lazy’ part dropped from the title but the intention of calling it that was because the majority of people don’t read a lot, despite motivational speakersContinue reading “Lazy Book Club”

Where is the love?

Last Sunday was Valentines Day. A saints day that has been marked to celebrate love – in particular, romantic love. Ahhhh, that’s nice. My Sunday Breakfast show was the first show of the day on BBC Radio WM and I was positively giddy about the Valentines Day theme. Even now, I can’t really explain why.Continue reading “Where is the love?”

Grace Smith BBC Radio WM – First Show of the Year

So, first show of 2021! New year, new me, fresh start, right? I can’t get into the building. Oh. Never mind. Let’s start again! Two minutes of literal radio silence? Screens flashing ON AIR SILENCE DETECTED? Producer rushing into the studio with thinly veiled panic all over her face? Good grief, it’s not even 6Continue reading “Grace Smith BBC Radio WM – First Show of the Year”